NEB Grade 11 Result (Regular) is Coming Soon

NEB Grade 11 Result (Regular) is Coming Soon

NEB Grade 11 Result

Within a fraction of the time, students have been facing hassles of exam date schedules and their results. Lately, National Examination Board had published Partial NEB Grade 11 Result, which was held from 1st Ashar to 10th of Ashar, 2074 ((June 15th to June 24th, 2017). And now, it’s time for NEB Grade 11 Result. However, it was delayed due to the General elections held on 8th December. Hence, NEB relayed the message to the students that result will be published either in the first week or second week of Poush. But, it was again delayed by 3-4 weeks. So, the results are pushed towards in the last week of Poush or first week of Magh.

Why was the Result Publication Date Further Pushed?

  1. NEB authorities were still confused whether the result will be published along grading system or percentage system. If the results were to be imprinted into the transcript, they were unsure of how to coincide with transcript certificate. So, there was a probability of releasing results along percentage instead of letter grading system. It is also a reason behind the delay in publishing the result of grade 11.
  2. The task of entering data in excel sheet initiated from 1st week of Poush. There were more than thousands of data to be encrypted within computer data. Furthermore, encrypted results are bound to store in the computer for two weeks in order to prevent mishaps. After two weeks, another week was added for incorporating task related publishing results. Hence, it took another week for publishing Grade 11 results

Result of Grade 11 is set to be Published in Grading System

It is confirmed that result of grade XI will be published analogous to SEE results with the grading system. The transcript certificate of grade 11 is administered to be inscribed with  A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, E, and N grades.

How to view NEB Grade 11 Result via Aakash SMS?

Type your symbol number and send it to five digit code of Aakash SMS. It’s simple.

·        Type NEB <space>symbol number

·        Send SMS to 31003.

NOTE: After result is published by NEB

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