Get To Know About Letter Grading System In Nepal

Get To Know About Letter Grading System In Nepal

Before an introduction letter grading system in Nepal, students were evaluated in terms of percentage perceived in examination paper. He/she used to be praised for distinction/first division. Letter Grading system were mobilized in some of universities like Kathmandu University or Pokhara University amidst the journey of Bachelor Studies. The Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) decided to introduce letter grading system in Nepal for grade XI and XII on 23rd February, 2016. Geeta Rana, President of National Private and Boarding Schools Association said “Grading system should be implement from grade IX to XII and its implementation only in one grade will not give good result,” adding, “Each student should get the opportunity to study as per the grades, but in our country, it was implemented without any infrastructure to adjust such students.”

What is letter Grading System?

Evaluation of student achievement will be made in relation to the attainment of the specific objectives of the course. From each course, you can earn grade from it and it is consecutively, recorded on the student permanent record. In the beginning of course, instructors are determined to explain the objectives and upon which basis grades are coded in their record. Usually, there would be an A-F grading. But in Nepal, it works a bit different. There are 9 grades, which are A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, E, and N. A+ refers to ‘outstanding’ will be given to students scoring between 90 and 100, A to students scoring between 80 and 89, B+ to those scoring between 70 and 79, B to scores between 60 and 69, C+ to scores between 50 and 59, and C to scores between 40 and 49. Likewise, D would be given to scores between 20 and 39, E to scores between 1 and 19 and N represent ‘not graded’ would be given to students who remained absent or were expelled from academic organization. A+ is identical to 4 GPA, A to 3.6, B+ to 3.2, B to 2.8, C+ to 2.4, C to 2.0, D to 1.6, and E to 0.8.

How to check your results?

Now, it’s easier to check results of SLC, Grade XI and XII within a fraction of second. You just need to tap your symbol number and send it to five digit code of Aakash SMS.neb class 11 results

·        Type NEB <space>symbol number

·        Send SMS to 31003.

NOTE: After result is published by NEB.

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