Refund Policy ( a product of Aakash Tech Pvt. Ltd. )  will refund the fee in terms of the policy.

We are doing this because:-

  • We want our clients to start managing SMS Service / API Gateway without any business risk.
  • We believe what we are delivering is a great solution for the client’s business.
  • We want our clients to believe in our product which will be used by thousands of customers every day.

This is an effort to ensure complete satisfaction and deliver our commitment to make SMS Service a reality for every business.

Please note:

  1. This policy is valid for both Bulk SMS Solutions and SMS Gateway API & SMS Broadcasting Service.
  2. For refund, we expect the client’s account doesn’t exceed excessive usage.

In Aakash Tech Pvt. Ltd., the client may go for a no questions asked refund.

However, the refund will be governed by certain terms and conditions.

  1. Aakash Tech Pvt. Ltd. is not obliged to make any refund if the subscriptions have been bought at a discount of 10% or more on SMS Gateway, Broadcasting Service, and refund is only applicable 24 hrs of the recharged.
  2. If any additional document OR information is needed due to any reason.
  3. If the Client is indulging OR has indulged in any illegal activities under any applicable laws
  4. Client Violate any of the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy of
  5. Refund claims will only be processed if the refund has been sought within 24 hrs recharge on Campaign ( Broadcasting Service ) only and only call rate will be applicable for refund not any other service charge like rental charges.
  6. For SMS API Gateway Recharge, will not be refundable in any cases.
  7. A refund of an Alphanumeric Service is not possible as it is non refundable from Telecoms operators.
  8. We provide Trial Account with FREE credit to make decisions before purchasing a dedicated number for your SMS service.


  1. Refund Request will not be entertained after 24 hrs of the Activation in Broadcasting Service.
  2. Refund requests will be automatically discarded immediately after recharge of API Gateway Service.
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