SMS Voting Service Provider in Nepal

SMS Voting Service Provider in Nepal

SMS Voting Service (SMS Poll) is the easiest and the fastest way to find out what your audience is thinking. Bulk SMS voting helps to launch opinion polls or voting to get public feedback. Aakash SMS supplies a comprehensive SMS vote control panel and a user-friendly messaging platform with robust connectivity. SMS voting is the most interactive platform that supports brand commitment where anyone can vote from anywhere at any time. The voting process secures the voters’ data and keeps it 100% safe. The audience simply uses their mobile phone as an alternative SMS voting device and sends in the name of the favorite candidate through text message.

The Bulk voting process helps with immediate data processing with 100% data security and vote results visible.

SMS voting provides a platform to find out what your audience is thinking. SMS voting is the most effective way to interact with a large number of audiences. Text polls help your business to branch questionnaires in different directions based on the responses received and evaluate your outcomes to modify your strategic plan when required.

How do SMS Voting and Polling work?

The voting system easily analyzes the settings and tracks the results in no time. The business organization or event should identify the keywords that participants should use to divide their votes among various options. Moreover, you should fully automate the process of voting. The votes obtained from the SMS are processed instantly and later, are displayed as results. It assesses the keywords received, sorts the data, and summarizes the results for each voting category. Later, the voters send SMS regarding their opinions or votes of a particular campaign to the estimated number (i.e 31003 for Aakash SMS) with a specific keyword. The votes or opinions are tracked and an automated message, set by the campaign operator is sent to the voters. (for eg: Thank you for participation or voting). 

Why should you use Mass SMS Voting?

SMS voting and polling are especially suitable for popular events like KBC, Nepal Idol, Miss Nepal, Beauty pageant, or elections. Not only that, Effective SMS voting can be used to get customer feedback on different products and services offered by the brand and business organizations. SMS voting helps you to collect a large number of votes easily and quickly. You can track the progress report at any time. Moreover, you can post outcomes in a visually pleasing format and set up automated replies through SMS. The voting campaign lets your audience text in to vote for things to determine who wins. SMS voting is fast as well as affordable to interact with a vast audience. 

How can you make your SMS voting successful? 

The SMS voting system makes it easy for your audience to get engaged and to get real benefit by collecting their information. You can promote sales by providing various offers like discount coupons in exchange for feedback on their product and services. Moreover, the audience receives your message asking for their involvement, which makes them feel a part of the business, and that gives a more personal feel to your marketing campaign. 


SMS Schedulning System

SMS Scheduling System

Save your time by scheduling text messages to be sent at a later date and time.

Template Management System

Template Management System

Create and customize multiple SMS templates and default messages to be sent and reduce efforts.

Contact Management System

Contact Management System

Our contact manager lets you import contacts from an Excel file and then organizes them into groups.

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