Grade 11 Regular Results Published in Grading System

Grade 11 Regular Results Published in Grading System

Grade 11 Regular Results

Before, NEB authorities were doubtful on whether the result will be published along grading system or percentage system. Since the results are imprinted into the transcript, they are unsure of how to coincide with transcript certificate. From now on, it is assured that Grade 11 Regular Results will be published in the grading system.

It has been confirmed that result of grade XI will be published with the grading system. The transcript certificate of grade 11 is affirmed to be inscribed with  A+, A, B+, B, C+, C, D, E, and N grades.

Complication for Grade 11 Regular Results

If the result of grade XI is published into grading system, the same thing is going to coincide with the result of Grade XII. In short, Grade XII will also have to release results in accordance with the grading system. It has been most challenging task for National Examination Board to manage the results of both grades in one transcript. This is also a reason behind for belated result publication.

Since NEB is dealing hassles in interlacing transcript of both grades, NEB decline to regulate examination of Grade 11 from next year. There are still things undecided between formats of the transcript- whether the transcript should imprint letter grading system of both grades or government should rather authenticate result of grade 12 only. The second alternative is implemented in most of the countries, even our neighboring country- India.

The results shall be published in the last week of Poush or the first week of Magh.

Type NEB<space> Symbol Number

And send SMS to 31003 to get your result.

Send SMS only after the results are officially published.

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