SMS Marketing | The Magic Potion For Your Growing Business

SMS Marketing | The Magic Potion For Your Growing Business

SMS Marketing | The Magic Potion For Your Growing Business

With the advent of digital marketing, traditional yet powerful techniques are frequently disregarded. SMS sometimes referred to as short message services, is a fantastic tool for growing your SaaS company.

SMS is a text messaging service that employs telephone lines for end-to-end communication without utilising the internet. Many think SMS marketing would soon become obsolete due to the rapid growth of intelligent choices.

How Come SMS Marketing?

When using close-range marketing strategies, SMS marketing is frequently underused and ignored by businesses, but it has a lot of untapped potentials that you may exploit for your company.

Here are some explanations as to why SMS marketing is a tactic that every company has to think about:

An Internet connection is not necessary

It can reach individuals even if not online because it does not require an internet connection. When someone connects to the internet, their screen is inundated with alerts, making it challenging to focus on a single message. Since SMS doesn’t require the internet, it gets around all of these.

No ad blockers or spam filters

Do you recall the last time your professional email was accidentally sent to the recipient’s spam folder? It turns out that SMS has a fix for it. It always gets through online ad blockers and spam filters since it uses telephone lines, ensuring that your messages go to your potential clients.

You may freely sell your items without having to worry about the messages ending up in any spam folders if spam filters aren’t an issue.

Straightforward channel

Compared to emails, which are only 20% opened, more than 90% of SMS messages are opened, according to ROI studies. This is so because SMS is typically more comfortable for users than emails.

When used in conjunction with other marketing techniques, SMS marketing greatly increases your company’s return on investment.

Shortcodes for feedback

SMS marketing makes the gathering of customer feedback easier with simple text codes instead of typing an entire email. It also comes with an easy unsubscribing option in case the customer is unwilling to receive further messages. 

Rather than typing an entire email, this method allows customers to convey their message quickly and easily. A brand’s aim is not only to increase its visibility but also to retain its existing customers. 


Very few methods of marketing are as cost-effective as text marketing campaigns. It is cheaper than using internet services and can reach a large number of people at the same time, unlike outbound calling. SMS Marketing helps to tighten your budget and reap equally effective results.

How does SMS marketing work? 

SMS marketing has seen a rise following the digital explosion, according to a report published by the Economic Times. This is because there is a steep rise in app-to-person messaging like sending OTPs, and discount coupon codes among many others. With a simple algorithm based on keywords and shortcodes, this can be easily accomplished. 

When a customer texts a particular message, the system on the other side scans it for specific keywords. If present, a particular service related to that keyword activates. The same thing happens with shortcodes but the customer has to type less. 

The system and customer interaction create a profile of the customer’s likes and dislikes, which makes it possible to send more personalized messages.

Importance of SMS marketing

It serves as a game-changer for all the parties involved in it. Very few Strategies offer such a win-win situation for all.

The customer can interact better with the enterprise

Customers are the biggest concern of an enterprise. If the company has a good relationship with them, the business flourishes. SMS marketing serves to bless especially this aspect. Armed with customization, SMS becomes the ‘big guns’ in the marketing arsenal of a company.

The business may market and grow its clientele

The business may reach a huge client base for a very small investment. In underdeveloped nations like India, telephone communication is much more pervasive than internet access. This drawback may be overcome with SMS marketing.

Provides a revenue opportunity for telecom firms

The telecom firms are a minor third party in the drama. The Economic Times reports that the cost of communicating is a pitiful 10 paise in India and a rupee abroad. Given the enormous number of businesses that choose SMS for marketing each year, their SMS services are profitable.

Final Words

Every argument needed to support the usage of SMS marketing in your company has by a wide margin been successful. Results from actual businesses have demonstrated that SMS marketing produces the best results when combined with other digital marketing tools and approaches.

It would be a great choice to employ Bulk SMS service in addition to whatever digital marketing techniques your company already uses. Only after that can you have a successful integrated marketing strategy to increase your sales.

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