5 ways to use Bulk SMS in School, and Colleges in Nepal

5 ways to use Bulk SMS in School, and Colleges in Nepal

Bulk SMS in School in Nepal

Although it may be frowned upon in the classroom, texting is an essential tool in the education industry. Bulk SMS in  School is a tried-and-true, affordable, and reliable tool for communicating with students and staff as well as informing parents. 

Let’s examine the use of Bulk SMS in Schools and education

1. Emergency notifications

SMS has a 98% read rate, making it the ideal medium for informing parents of any emergency or crisis that can impact their children.

Group SMSes are sent to all parents and are read within minutes, whether they are about flood warnings, extreme heat waves, or even a stomach ailment going around. It’s the best method of communication for alerts that are urgent.

2. Billing reminders

Since parents already have a lot on their plates, it’s not uncommon for them to forget to pay their children’s school tuition.

Setting up fee reminders to be delivered through bulk SMS in school in advance is one of the simplest methods to reduce the amount of missed payments and assist parents in keeping track of their accounts. You may also set SMSes to be sent on a specific day using our platform.

3. Parent-teacher meeting reminders

Because so many parents work full-time, it can be difficult for teachers to plan parent-teacher conferences and for parents to remember them.

By sending each parent a personalized message with their specific date and time through SMS, you may save time. You can also plan appointment reminders to make sure that parents are reminded about their appointments.

4. Reminders and Notifications

Teachers, students, parents, ground staff, and other parties are receiving SMS reminders and notifications from schools, colleges, and institutions worldwide.

These universities use SMS to notify students of future sporting events or training schedules, learner test reminders, staff schedules (particularly during the COVID outbreak), and even what to pack for the upcoming camping trip.

5. Lockdown and school closure information

Many schools have had to close in the past two years with little to no notice. Informing parents, teachers, and students about the closure hours and dates have been made simple using SMS.

Now that the pandemic’s unexpected nature is still affecting schools throughout the world, SMS keeps everyone updated on any timetable modifications. 

SMS is the ideal communication tool in a crisis since it enables the speedy and reliable distribution of time-sensitive information to thousands of contacts all at once.

6. Exams and test results

One of the easiest and most dependable methods to provide students with personalized exam results is by sending them an SMS. Results are initially made available through SMS in many nations due to its effectiveness and accessibility on all mobile phones, which makes it the ideal method.

7. Event updates

When planning a school event, you may have to deal with last-minute adjustments, and SMS can help everyone stay informed. For instance, you could swiftly send a group SMS to everyone involved if you needed to change the time or place.

Diverse communication requirements exist in the educational field. Bulk SMS in School is the ideal medium for usage in internal school communications as well as with students and parents since it is widely utilized, dependable, and accessible.

Wrapping up

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Just give us a call, and our expert will lead you toward the best solution for your educational institution.


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