Influence of Bulk SMS Services in the Education Sector

Influence of Bulk SMS Services in the Education Sector

Bulk SMS is quickly becoming a must-have marketing tool for both small and big businesses in today’s modern era. Bulk SMS Services is trending because of the open and engagement rates, affordable prices, and general reliability. 

Education is the most important tool for shaping the future and defining the ethics and culture of society. Bulk SMS in the education system allows teachers to reach out to parents, allowing them to become more involved in their children’s lives. Furthermore, schools and colleges are implementing newer curriculum development approaches to prepare students for the real world. Aakash SMS offers services not only in the education industry but also in the corporate and government sectors.

Aakash SMS is the leading and professional Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal. Aakash SMS provides you with a multi-featured and colorful dashboard that is easy to use, reliable, and effective. Aakash SMS encourages teachers to interact and engage with parents and students, which has resulted in positive outcomes. 

Apart from Bulk SMS, we also provide SMS Gateway API, SMS campaign, SMS voting, and Dynamic SMS.  


Bulk SMS service in the education system saves a lot of time and effort and comes with numerous advantages. The following are some of the benefits of Bulk SMS in the education sector:

  • Important updates and announcements

Uncalled events that require special attention can take place whenever wanted. As a result, to notify them of the unexpected changes, they can send Bulk SMS to students and staff about the schedule change, holiday update, safety alert, class cancellation, project deadlines, course registrations, upcoming tests, due fees, etc.

  • Exam and Results Updates

Bulk SMS has proven to be effective in informing students about exam-related information such as exam syllabus, routine, exam dates, and location. It is beneficial to submit last-minute exam changes or a best of luck wish to increase the student’s confidence. After the exam completion, the school and colleges can also send results and results-related updates.

  • Parent-Teacher Meeting Reminder

Parent-teacher meetings are important events for both teachers and parents. Schools and colleges can send group text messages to remind the parents about the meeting. Moreover, parents sometimes cannot attend the parents-teacher meeting. As a result, schools and universities can also use bulk SMS service to keep parents informed about their children’s achievement, behavior, grades, and upcoming events.

  • Campus Events and Activities Announcement

Schools and colleges can send the upcoming events notification and details through a group text messaging service so that the students cannot miss the fun and excitement.  Schools and universities can use a bulk SMS service to alert students about upcoming events, career fairs, volunteering opportunities, internship opportunities, campaigns, and other activities.

In conclusion, frequently calling the parents of hundreds and thousands of students in a single day is a hectic job. However, Aakash SMS helps to solve your issue without a hitch. You can schedule the messages for wherever you want and check the delivery status. Besides, Aakash SMS has a template feature that saves you time to rewrite the same messages.

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