Bulk SMS to deliver Covid-19 Alerts and Notifications

Bulk SMS to deliver Covid-19 Alerts and Notifications

The lockdown has completely ended, but the threat has not. The new variant of Covid-19 has been spreading around the world and is considered more dangerous. If you want to deliver Covid alert messages fast, bulk SMS is the right choice. Bulk SMS connects you and your messages to a large group of people easily. A simple SMS will add value to your company by alerting customers, employees, and well-wishers. You can send messages reminding your employees and customers to wash their hands, Sanitize, obey social distancing, wear a mask, and so on. It helps you build trust with your employees and customers. 

Also, SMS can work as a two-way communication tool to send and receive alert messages and notifications to and from the company and clients. Moreover, you can use SMS alerts and notifications in Healthcare to notify the patients about their appointments, Government sectors to notify staff and officers to improve public safety during pandemics or crises, and other sectors for the wellbeing of the citizens.

Why SMS Service?

  • Everyone has access to SMS on their mobile phone.
  • SMS has high open and engagement rates. 
  • It is accessible from any location.
  • It is fast, reliable, and affordable.
  • No internet connection is required.

Aakash SMS is a reliable as well as leading Bulk SMS service provider, providing services all over Nepal. We understand that businesses should prioritize providing prompt and accurate alert messaging to their employees. So, we provide our clients with the best and effective service. Our platform allows the users to automate and schedule text and informative messages for later or save them as a template for later use. 

Bulk SMS services create connections among people and build loyalty with your customers. Connecting a large number of people via our Bulk SMS service and flowing consistent messages offers an opportunity for businesses to keep in touch with their employees even though they are working remotely. Group Messaging is a proven method for quickly reaching and successfully engaging with employees and providing them with your latest information and policies even in a difficult situation. Besides the Bulk SMS service, Aakash SMS offers services like SMS Gateway service, SMS voting, SMS campaign, and dynamic SMS. 

How to use Aakash SMS bulk SMS service to send Alerts and Notifications?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to your dashboard and click Bulk SMS.
  3. Type a message you want to send and add contacts.
  4. Click Send and check the report.

If you have any queries about our services, please contact us at any time on 9808139797, 9801097117, 9851300023. We are just one call away if you need any SMS services.

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