Birthday and Anniversary Reminder via SMS

Birthday and Anniversary Reminder via SMS

Keeping your clients loyal and happy is an uphill battle, but you have to show them their importance. The client’s birthday and anniversary is a once-a-year opportunity to make them feel remembered and important. As a result, the best way to accomplish this is to surprise them with unforeseen wishes and offers on their birthday and anniversary.   In the ever-changing era, business clients and customers want their birthdays and anniversary date to be remembered. And a single birthday wish can make their day more memorable. Even Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and many other applications send birthday wishes to their users. Also, different companies and business sectors like banks, schools, colleges, the corporate office send their customers and students birthday wishes and cherish their importance to the business.    Aakash SMS allows you to connect to your customers emotionally and professionally.  We value the importance of clients and their roles, for which we have equipped your business with our features like Bulk SMS, SMS Campaign, Dynamic SMS, SMS Gateway to break the barrier between you and your customers.   Aakash SMS is the leading bulk SMS provider which provides SMS API Gateway Solution to wish your customers on their precious day. Aakash SMS helps you to maintain good relations with your customers and win their trust. These genuine gestures bring value to the customers and demonstrate that we care about them. Moreover, you can also send a subscription starting date reminder, marriage anniversary dates, etc. to show their importance to your business. 

Importance Of Birthday and Anniversary SMS.

The relationship between customers and business goes beyond just transactions, which is why only an exceptional amount of business has been successful to retain their age-old clients. Therefore, the importance of the birthday and anniversary wishes through SMS are:  
  • It helps to engage customers in your business.
  • It earns customers trust and loyalty. 
  • Your customers feel valued and appreciated. 
  • It is a form of emotional marketing.
  •  It increases brand salience. 


To send wishes to your customers, you only have to follow a few steps:  
  1. Integrate your application and website with Aakash SMS.
  2. Create a meaningful Birthday and anniversary Wish. 
  3. Schedule for the birthday and anniversary date.
  4. The text will go automatically on the scheduled birthday and anniversary dates. 
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