5 Examples Of Easy SMS Marketing For Great Results

5 Examples Of Easy SMS Marketing For Great Results

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The marketing method is a dynamic process. Every company is constantly improving its marketing strategies to meet the target audience as quickly as possible but ultimately prefers the Bulk SMS service. SMS marketing is the most effective and affordable to reach people and has high open and engagement rates. According to a survey, “About 97% of messages are opened within 3 minutes”. This proves that SMS marketing is the fastest way to engage with the audience. 


Many business organizations choose email and social media marketing to promote their product and services to the audience. The audience is likely to unread the overflowing email messages and ignore the promotional content from social media whereas, the SMS promotion tends to get more attention. So, SMS marketing will be the right choice for every business, small or large.


Aakash SMS is a professional and leading bulk SMS service provider in Nepal, providing its services for the past few years. We take pride in delivering outstanding customer support and ensuring a robust data management scheme. Our major services are Bulk SMS, SMS Gateway or SMS API Integration, One time SMS, SMS campaign, SMS voting, and Dynamic SMS. Aakash SMS helps to expand the business all over Nepal with a simple click by providing flexible SMS service.

The examples of easy SMS marketing for great results are: 


  • Offer promotion based on special events


Offers and discounts are the most important strategy to attract customers to your business. Send a personalized SMS with a coupon code or discount offer with a directed link to attract the customer. Aakash SMS has provided clients with discounts and offers on different occasions like Dashain, Christmas, Shivaratri, Holi, etc. to promote our services to every corner of Nepal. 


  • Create a sense of urgency  


People tend to ignore the offers and facilities provided for a longer time. When you send buyers an end date on a deal, they are most likely to stay on it before it expires. Send an SMS with the details of the offer with an expiry date to create urgency. Aakash SMS also sends out deals with expiration dates to build a sense of urgency among consumers. 


  • Gather feedback on your services


Customer feedback is the most important statement for any business organization. Bulk SMS can be used to gather consumer reviews and correct errors. Aakash SMS also developed a feedback survey form with some questions about our services, which earned positive feedback. We have included a discount offer with the feedback form to make it more interesting. 



  • Deliver relevant and important info


Customers trust messages that come at the appropriate time. Text messages like a restaurant opening during lunchtime, alert about the weather, pending electricity bills, appointment notifications, results, and exam updates, and many more. Aakash SMS helps you deliver messages without any hurdle.  



  • Create a relationship with the customer 


A text message on their birthday or any occasion makes them feel valued. Even providing offers and discounts engage customers in the business, which earns trust and loyalty. The small gestures can increase brand salience. SMS marketing helps to create a better relationship between customers and business organizations. 


For more queries, please contact our SMS experts on the provided numbers (9808139797, 9801097117, 9851300023) or message us on our Facebook page.

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