Start Your Own Business with Bulk SMS Reseller Service

Start Your Own Business with Bulk SMS Reseller Service

Do you want to start an online business? Why not use bulk SMS as a product? 
  Bulk SMS is the fastest and easiest way to communicate with the audience. The high demand for bulk SMS is increasing day by day because of the increase in the usage of mobile phones. Bulk SMS reseller service is a highly cost-effective and reliable service. Bulk SMS reseller service ensures that the messages are delivered immediately. It offers a versatile outlet for your company to thrive. The reseller program assists you in increasing your consumers’ user experience. It also allows you to communicate quickly and expands the market’s capacity.    Many business organizations, small or large, are also using bulk SMS service for promotions, appointment reminders, warnings and notices, seasonal greetings, offers and discounts, and other informational updates to customers as well as staff or employees. You don’t need any specific credentials to become a bulk SMS reseller, and all you’ll need to get started is a computer or a laptop, a decent internet connection, and a little cash.   Aakash SMS is the leading Bulk SMS service provider providing reseller service and Bulk SMS service for the past few years. Aakash SMS guarantees the highest delivery speeds in the industry because of our robust infrastructure. Aakash SMS provides the best service in the market and has been successful to build relationships all over the country.

Aakash SMS’s Bulk SMS Reseller Information:

  • Start a reseller company with a low initial investment.
  • Just an understanding of the internet is necessary, and no prior technical knowledge is required.
  • Work whenever and wherever you choose, in your own time.
  • Set your price and make a profit.
  • Get heavy discounts for buying SMS in bulk.
  • Get complete control and access to all of the clients.
  • No extra setup or monthly rates will be charged when/once you partner with us.

What does the Aakash SMS reseller program provide?

Aakash SMS reseller comes with numerous advantages. We not only provide SMS service, but we also build relationships and add value to the client’s presence. Our services include:  
  1. Your account with company name and logo.
  2. Wholesale pricing structure.
  3. All maintenance and system updates.
  4. A certificate with your company name.
  5. Zero setup fee.
  6. Lifetime SMS validity.
  7. 24/7 customer support.
  If you are ready to start your business of reselling Bulk SMS service, register yourself on our website or talk to our SMS experts on 9808139797, 9801097117, 9851300023.

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