How can SMS help insurance companies grow their business?

How can SMS help insurance companies grow their business?

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After the second wave, the situation has worsened, forcing people to stay inside their homes again. The possibility of death from the pandemic is also growing by the day. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested organizations’ emergency plans, crisis response, and corporate stability strategies beyond their dreams. Companies must have the resources to sustain this huge transition to a fully digital environment to continue producing revenue. SMS is the most efficient way for the insurance provider to reach out to a large number of people. Insurance companies are looking at innovative ways to provide their customers with successful solutions.


Aakash SMS is the leading SMS service provider in Nepal, providing small and large businesses with SMS services like Bulk SMS, SMS Gateway, SMS voting, and campaign for the past few years. Aakash SMS is pleased to provide an SMS insurance service that will assist the insurance company in generating and capturing leads and also for properly managing the clients. We help you with everyday crisis management and successful information delivery.

Benefits of using SMS service in Insurance Company

Insurance companies are recognizing the value of texting in improving client communication. Insurance organizations have started to modernize more areas of the operations to appeal to a younger breed of customers.

Some of the major benefits of SMS in the insurance company are mentioned below:

SMS Alerts  

By promoting shortcode information on different media outlets, you can send automatic SMS notifications about premium payments, registration fees and generate leads through mobile channels.

Fetch history

You can send your consumers an SMS with their purchase history and information about premium plans, including the time to pay and the remaining balance. With automatic text message alerts, you can persuade consumers to renew subscriptions or make payments.

Information on Hand

Send information-on-demand for customers, salesforce, insurance agents, and others on their phones using SMS service. You can communicate information about new policies to existing & prospective customers using bulk SMS. You can also remind customers about their policy numbers and start dates via SMS.

Customer interaction 

Moreover, you can launch contests, campaigns, or opinion polls to build publicity and increase customer interaction with your insurance company. Also, targeting various markets with exclusive deals will lead to better conversions.  

Whether your company is small, national, or international, it is time to ensure that your messages sync with the situation and crisis. SMS is a good strategy to provide notifications and feedback to clients as it is a means of communication used by more than 90% of clients. Texts will help you boost your clients’ experience and cut down on the number of customer queries you have to answer. 


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