Best marketing campaign for parliament election of Nepal

Best marketing campaign for parliament election of Nepal

parliament election of Nepal

When our mission is to reach as many people as possible, text messaging is the number one method of communication. 2079 Nepali Parliament Election, we recommend you send Group SMS With a 98% open rate, you can send your Nepali Parliament Election text messages for campaign marketing straight into the hands of voters within a couple of seconds.

Is Political Text Messaging Effective in the Parliament Election of Nepal?

Text messaging on this Nepali Parliament Election is the most effective way of marketing your Parliament Nepal Election Campaign.

Case Study of World Experience:

Date back in 2008, candidate Barack Obama announced his Vice President pick of Joe Biden to nearly reach three million Americans via bulk text messaging. Obama went on to use those three million contacts in his directory to organize rallies, inform supporters, and generate record-shattering donations from grassroots contributors. 


Many analysts credit Obama’s win to this strong engagement through emerging media and in contrast to the bulk SMS strategy. The Romney campaign championed texting as well, stating that “the American public has raelized texting as an important form of communication and commerce.” Bulk SMS Texting can turn the game changer of an election. 


When everyone has the right to vote, you need to reach everyone, and Bulk SMS campaign is easier said than done. Currently, 98% of Nepalese own a cell phone, making it the most efficient way to reach your audience. If your opponent uses and utilize political text messages to market their campaign, you’re going to get left behind. Here are some major political text message examples you can apply to your campaign strategy.

1. Voting day reminder of Parliament Nepal Election

Send registered voters a friendly and catchy text on election day reminding them to cast their vote. You can even include a link or other relevant resources to help them find their polling place! Leading up to the election, assure to give constituents notice of early and absentee voting deadlines.

2. Event alerts of Nepali Parliament Election and Election Result

The campaign trail makes you busier and keeps your calendar packed with events. The success of each candidate is often related to how many people you can get in the room. Maximize your success and involve your supporters in rallies, town hall meetings, and other campaign events all via text message. If they can’t make it, be sure to alert and remind them about important media appearances they won’t want to miss as well.

3. Important announcements

Releasing information in politics is always a carefully crafted process, and you want to design it as authentic as you can do with making sure your message is heard when you want it to be. With 90% of text messages and SMS read within three minutes of receipt, you can take control of your narrative when you need to. 


Examples of political announcement text messages could be election day vote count updates, running mate decisions, debate highlights, event reminders, and so on.

5. Take a stance

Stand ahead of the media curve. Communicate your political moves on emerging issues with registered voters instantly and let your supporters know where you stand.

6. Mobilize the youth vote

Among young adults 18–34, texting is the single and one of the most preferred channel for personal communication. Connect with any aged group people personally to win their hearts, minds, and ultimately their votes.

Use Political Text Messaging to Motivate Voters

Tons of supporters will subscribe to your text campaign simply because they take care and support you. But there are even more who need just a bit of motivation to get interested with a clear understanding. Maximize your contacts and connection by employing one or more of these enticing incentives.


A classical marketing strategy, sweepstakes have been used by politicians to generate interest, donations, valuable contacts, and other major metrics. Text Nepal to 31003 to enter for your chance to win a personal dinner with a Political Leader’s Name!

Anticipated announcements

An anticipated announcement is an excellent incentive for you. Thank the subscriber by offering the chance to hear it first. Who will John pick for his veep and how does he efficiently help you out? Find out first! Text “PM” to get an alert at your minute of the pick!

Early Access

Give access to your contacts to fundraiser tickets, front-row spots at rallies, and other promotional perks.

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