Aakash SMS Emerging as Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal

Aakash SMS Emerging as Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal

Aakash SMS is a leading ‘Bulk SMS Service’ provider in Nepal. Aakash SMS is an initiative of Aakash Tech Private Limited that creates campaigns for you and your services, helping you gather data in the process. With our claimed partnership with multiple telecom operators, intelligent SMS gateway routing, and robust infrastructure, we ensure the best-in-class delivery rates and 24/7 support for your text campaigns. Currently, we are providing 5 services, namely SMS API Integration, SMS Campaigns, SMS Applications, Bulk SMS, and Examination Results.

Bulk SMS System is the system for sending large numbers of SMS to a predetermined group of clients that have the same message content. There have been the growing needs of the business to interact with their clients effectively instantly for maximum reach at a minimum price and shortest time. Bulk SMS gateway is used by media companies, organizations, school/colleges, financial institutions, enterprise firms, and other medium and big companies.

Why Aakash SMS?

Despite many bulk SMS service provider, Aakash SMS has been the leading bulk SMS service provider in Nepal with our robust software features and dedicated team. We say you choose Aakash SMS for your Bulk SMS gateway for the following reasons.

User Friendly:

Aakash SMS has a very user-friendly design of web and mobile app for easy use to non-technical clients too. We have a simple and easy-to-use web and mobile app dashboard that helps any user to get with our services and features in a short time.

Simple API Integration:

APIs give our customers the capacity to integrate SMS into all facets of the business – applications, websites, intranets, CRM’s, ERP’s, and other corporate software – providing a real-time messaging capability in existing corporate applications.

Contact Management:

Our contact manager lets you import contacts from an Excel file and then organizes them into groups. One can easily customize the group of contacts as per their requirements divided for different purposes from the panel.

SMS Scheduling:

Save your time by scheduling text messages to be sent at a later date and time. Our SMS Scheduling features have made user headache-free for sending the messages to the clients in time. One can schedule the SMS as per their requirement and is automatically sent as per the time set.

SMS Templates Management:

Create and customize multiple SMS templates and default messages to be sent and reduce efforts. One can make custom templates of recurring SMS which reduces the time and effort of the user.

Besides these all, Aakash SMS is growing as a leading VAS provider along with giving SMS marketing service. We provide the best technical support for our clients, giving customer satisfaction with easy to use messaging platform with reliable connectivity at an affordable price. Thus, always remember Aakash SMS for the use of the bulk SMS system in Nepal.

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