Simple And Easy SMS Service in Nepal

Simple And Easy SMS Service in Nepal

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When everyone is addicted to their cell phones, it’s an obvious swipe that they will look into inbox- A great deal for marketing enterprises of every organization. Advertising products and services often cost extravagant buck of cash. But, an internet connectivity and vicious API service of an agency can topnotch the meaning of digital marketing. It will surely benefit you through Simple And Easy SMS Service in Nepal from high return of investment and count on sizeable number of customer.

Simple And Easy SMS Service in Nepal

Aakash SMS provides an immense facility to sort out your messaging tendency coined in personal, general and standardized messages. Any kinds of organization are liberal to join Aakash SMS and get your connectivity robust with flow of customers.


Now, you don’t have to count steps of customers who have walked into your stores. A simple message like below will attract number of customers than other days;

Thanks for joining our mobile club. Come in today, and receive 30% off any purchase in the store. Show this text and also get a coupon for your next visit.

Professional services

Even Hospitals, clinics and other health organization can emphasize their service oriented benefactors in messages. For example;

Reminder: Prakriti Upadhaya. Your dentist appointment with Dr. Panthi is tomorrow at 12 noon. Please don’t be late.  We look forward to seeing you!

Academic Institutions- schools, colleges, University

Academic institutions can alerts their students on class, exam schedules, examination centers and other mandatory principles via short message services.

Reminder to all students of BBA; The morning session of semester IV will start from 7 AM in the morning from this 8th of December. Attendance on your first day is mandatory

Restaurants and café

Delicacies centered stall can make customers familiar with new discounts, offers, coupons. It attracts customers as well as such message make the feel valuable.

Center MOMO just tapped open momo in new menu! Come in before 5 PM and get 10% off in buff item. Show this text. Good for today only.


While bustling down on worktables, you may fail to gather your employees on meetings and conference halls. You know that how important is it to maintain bi weekly or monthly meeting for an organization. You can sort it out with a simple text messages.

Tomorrows all employees off site meeting will be held in Shankhar Hotel at 6 PM in the evening. Please bring your laptop.

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