Bulk SMS Service in Health Care Industry

Bulk SMS Service in Health Care Industry

SMS Service has been popular for the past few years among small as well as large business organizations. Bulk SMS allows you to reach out to a large number of users in a short time. Bulk SMS in health care is a flexible way to teach, remind, and assist people through messaging platforms. Due to the pandemic, the health care providers have dealt with issues regarding canceling non-essential hospital appointments, arranging new healthcare visits, screening patients for COVID-19 as soon as possible, and engaging with quarantined patients, which could have been easier using Bulk SMS services. Aakash SMS offers services in every sector, including education, real estate, the travel industry, etc.


Aakash SMS is the leading Bulk SMS service provider in Nepal, serving people for the past few years. Similarly, Aakash SMS provides an SMS API Gateway Service to integrate with your website or mobile application. Aakash SMS helps you track your patient’s message status and let you stay connected during all the procedures. 


How can Bulk SMS help in Health Care services?

A health care provider includes dentists, pharmacists, opticians, and many more working in the medical field. Furthermore, using bulk SMS in health care helps to offer outstanding service to people in a timely and reliable way that addresses a variety of issues. The ways bulk SMS can contribute to health care are mentioned below:

  1. Appointment Reminders:

    Many people forget about the appointment they have scheduled with the health care providers. So, instead of calling everyone, bulk SMS in health care can be a convenient way to inform people about upcoming appointments. Moreover, vaccines are being distributed, meaning health care professionals can send a short text message to confirm vaccine appointments.

  2. Confirmations and Cancellations

    As a result of the global pandemic, frontline staff, especially in the healthcare sector, are swamped with appointments. Sometimes the scheduled arrangement can be canceled in an emergency case it would be easier to inform the patients by texting them the necessary details. So the SMS in health care can be used to inform the patients about the confirmations and cancellations of their appointments.

  3. Share Educational Information:

    The majority of patients are ignorant about the information about the infections they are afflicted with. Healthcare services should give do’s and don’ts to dispel any doubts about the condition or required facts for the patients’ convenience. They can use the Bulk SMS service to convey necessary information rather than scheduling an appointment.

  4. Check up Reminders:

    Patients tend to forget about the necessary check-up with their doctors and health service provider. To remind the patients, an SMS a day prior can remind them to attend the necessary checkup and follow-up tests. 

Aakash SMS provides a multi-featured dashboard so that you can send bulk SMS, API SMS, start a campaign or provide customized messages to your patients. 

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