Hotels and Resorts


Advertise special offers to the targeted customers and give information about the seasonal discounts and other various features.


Publicise seasonal discounts via SMS. Also give information about various packages like Marriage Receptions, Birthday Parties, Cocktail Parties, etc.

SMS Alerts

Integrate SMS alerts in your website for registration confirmation or post monetary transaction. Also, give alerts about any kind of online booking.

Cusomter Interaction

Launch SMS Contests, Games or Quiz around any Event to build publicity and increase customer interaction.

News and Insights

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Class 12 NEB Supplementary Result Publishing This Week

कक्षा १२ को ग्रेडबृद्दि परीक्षाको नतिजा यहि हप्तामा प्रकाशन गर्ने तयारी

राष्ट्रिय परीक्षा बोर्डले कक्षा १२ को ग्रेडबृद्दि परीक्षाको नतिजा यहि सातामा प्रकाशन गर्ने तयारी गरेको छ । स्रोतका अनुसार गत भाद्र १७ ...
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